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  •     Easy operation by one button.
  •     Aspiration probe is cleaned automatically to avoid the carry-over.
  •     Whole blood and prediluted blood test modes are available.
  •     The appropriative calibrate program can calculate the peripheral blood and venous blood respectively and save the results automatically.
  •     Internal Real-time monitoring system (continual supervise the micro hole, liquid circulating system and reagent residue), reminding the special results and diagnosing the problem automatically
  •     Automatic maintenance function and standby function make the analyzer ready to work at any time
  •     Clog prevention and alarm function
  •     24 hours on, have the facility of automatic Suspend model
  •     Safe reagent without any harm to environment
  •     HA-Vet is specially designed for veterinary clinic use, with 10 different species of animal blood (Rat, might mouse, guinea pig, rabbit, dog, cat, pig, cow, cattle, bull, buffalo, sheep, goat, monkey, deer, camel, horse and so on).

    Technical Specifications

  •     Automatic: Fully automatic
  •     Throughput:  HA-20/22/ Vet : 60
  •     Parameter: HA-22/ Vet : 22 parameters, 3 part differential of WBC ,
  •     HA-20 : 20 parameters, 3 parts differential of WBC
  •     Sample Volume: 10ul (whole blood), 20ul (prediluted blood)
  •     Measuring Principle: Electro-impedance, photometric analysis
  •     Testing Items:
  •     Linearity Range: WBC: 0.0-99.9 (*103/ul), RBC: 0.0-9.99 (*103/ul), HGB: 0.0-30.0 (g/dl), PLT:0-999 (*103/ul)
  •     Accuracy (CV %):
  •     WBC= 3.0%, RBC=2.0%, PLT =4.0% HGB = 1.5%, HCT = 2.0%, MCV=1.5% MCH = 2.0%, MCHC=2.0%, PCT= 3.0%   MPV= 3.0%,PDW= 3.0%
  •     Display: 5.7 inch LCD, Touch pad
  •     Storage: 10000 results with histograms
  •     Printing Mode: Internal thermal printer or out- connection
  •     Output: RS232
  •     Printer: Built-in thermal printer, 58 mm width paper
  •     Power Supply: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ, 60VA
  •     Dimension: 33cm*38cm*50cm
  •     Weight: 15 kg
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