ACM619 Series Anesthesia Machine Workstation

General information:
1) Applications: adult and child and neonato
2) Driven mode: pneumatic driven and microcontroller control, volume control,
pressure limit( nothe: PSV, PRV are optional)
3) Work mode: closed system, half-closed system, half-open system

Anesthesia ventilator:
1) Ventilation mode: IPPV, PCV, manual(


2) Respiratory rate: 4-60bpm
3) I/E ratio: 1:4, 1:3.5, 1:3, 1:2.5, 1:2, 1:1.5, 1:1, 1:0.7, 1:0.5, 1:0.3
4) Tidal volume: 50-1,600mL (20-1600ml)
5) Displays tidal volume and respiratory rate for mechanical/manual mode
6) Imported pressure differential flow sensor
7) Inspiration pressure: 1.0-6.0KPa
8) PEEP: 0.2-1.5KPa
9) Colored TFT + high luminance LED display
10) Waveform:
a) Pressure: time waveform
b) Flow rate: time waveform
11) Monitoring parameters
12) Tidal volume: 0-2,000mL
13) Minute volume: 0-20L
14) Respiratory rate
15) Airway pressure: (Ppeak, Pmean, PEEP)
16) Oxygen concentration: 0-100%
17) Alarm information:
a) Ventilation mode
b) Power indication
c) Silence timing
d) Alarms
i) Upper tidal volume limit: 0-1.2L
ii) Lower tidal volume limit: 0-1.0L
iii) Upper minute volume alarm: 0-20L/min
iv) Lower minute volume alarm: 0-10L/min
v) Upper and lower limit for airway pressure
vi) Upper and lower limit for oxygen concentration
vii) Apnea
viii) Power supply failure
ix) Silence time for alarm: 120s
18) Trending curve: 24-hour complete parameter trending curve
19) Optional: built-in battery, supporting arm, oxygen inhaler

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