Lazy Load Enabled


•    End point, kinetic, fixed time, mutistandard, bichromatic etc
•    Filter wavelengths: 7standard filters from 340 to 800nm, 2 more open filter positions, others are available on request
•    With 20 incubating positions
•    Large memory to store 200 test programs and 1000 testing results
•    Excellent Q.C function Q.C. chart can be stored, displayed and printed.

Technical Features

•    Reading Cuvette: Both through cell and direct reading cuvette
•    Incubating Positions: 20 incubation positions
•    Photometric System:
Light Source: 6V 10W long-life halogen lamp
Filters: 7standard filters from 340 to 800nm, 2 more open filter positions; ±2 nm pass-band
Wavelength Accuracy: ±2 nm
•    Measuring System: Measuring Range: 0-3.500 O.D
Photometric Linearity: ±2% from 0 to 2.000 O.D.
Photometric Accuracy: ±2% from 0 to 2.000 O.D.
Drift: less than 0.001 O.D.
Carry Over: ≤1%
•    Incubator Temperature control: 25degree.centigrade ,30degree.centigrade ,37degree.centigrade, Precision:±0.1degree.centigrade
•    Reagent Volume: 200-500 ul
•    Printer: Built-in thermal printer, 57mm width paper
•    Power Supply: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ, 60VA
•    Dimensions: 34cm*38cm*18cm
•    Weight: 8.5kg

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