Fluid and Fixed Layouts


    Batch analyzer

  •     End point, kinetic, fixed time, bichromatic, serum blank, 1-2 reagent assays, multi-standard and all users programmable
  •     Insert stat sample at any time during testing
  •     With liquid sensor and automatic probe washing avoiding carrying over
  •     Automatic carry-over control function (patented)
  •     Reaction tray reusable
  •     QC data with levey-jennings chart
  •     External printer, multi printing forms are available
  •     Intelligent multi task software
  •     Complete open parameters setup makes the analyzer may work with any kits qualified locally

    Technical Specifications

  •     Sample Capacity: 64 for sample, calibrator/standard and control
  •     Reagent Capacity: 20 refrigerated reagent positions
  •     Throughput: 120 tests /hr
  •     Reading Cuvette: Flow through cell
  •     Temperature Precision: 37degree.centigrade ?.1
  •     Program Memory: Store 200 test programs and more than one million test results
  •     Calibrator: 1-6 standards
  •     Optical system: Light Source: 6V/10W long-life halogen lamp
  •     Filter: 7 high quality narrow band filters and 2 more open filter positions.
  •     Wavelength Range: 340nm-750nm
  •     Photometric Measuring Range: 0-3.0 O.D
  •     Diluter: 1000ul, 1.0ul/step
  •     Reaction Tray: 96 reaction cuvettes placed in temperature controlled incubator
  •     External Devices: Pentium IV pc, printer monitor
  •     Power Supply: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ
  •     Software: Windows XP/2000

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